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Narrows Cold Weather Package

Narrows Cold Water Package

From: $38.00

Our Narrows Cold Water Package is ideal for the cooler spring, fall, and winter months. This package includes all the protection necessary to keep you warm even in the frigid water and cooler temps.

The farmer john wetsuit is 3mm of neoprene to keep your body temperature up. Depending on how far you go into the Narrows, water can get pretty deep. Some spots may require chest high water or short swims. Be prepared for anything!

You’ll also receive our 5.10 canyoneering boots that have a special sticky rubber that is made for these wet conditions. These boots will help you reach your destination with ease.

The neoprene socks act the same as a wetsuit and keep your feet toasty. This is so important because you’ll be in the water almost the whole time! Neoprene socks also help keep sand and rocks out and prevent blisters.

With this package you’ll also get a wooden hiking stick which can be used to help keep you upright while walking on shifting slick rocks. This can also be a great tool for testing the depth of the water in front of you before you take the next step!

Reserve your gear now and pick it up either the night before or morning of your trip!