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Prusik Hitch

A prusik hitch is commonly used in rappel systems or ascending ropes. The name comes from the hitch’s creator, Austrian Karl Prusik.

Appropriate Uses Rock Climbing and Canyoneering:

  • Hauling Systems
  • Ascending Systems
  • Rappel Backup


  • Load can be in either direction
  • High Holding Power
  • Can work for wet or icy ropes


  • 4ft of 6mm nylon accessory cord (rated for climbing)
  • Tied with a double fisherman’s knot with 3inches of tail
  • Soft cord will grip the rope the best, stiff cord will be harder to work with


These are the steps to tie the Prusik hitch

-Set the loop on top of the rope.

-Pass the knot through the loop, around the rope. creating a girth hitch.

-Repeat this 3 more times

-Make sure the wraps of the Prusik lay flat and are well dressed (not crossed). They will not work if they are not well dressed.

-Pull the Prusik in each direction to ensure it grabs the rope. If it does not grab the rope, add another wrap.

*Always test friction hitches before using them. Never have any life support system rely on a single friction hitch