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Munter Mule

The Munter Mule Hitch is a series of hitches that can be released and tied off while under tension. This is the combination of the Munter hitch and the Mule hitch tied onto a carabiner.

Appropriate uses rock climbing and canyoneering:

  • Rescue Systems
  • Belayed Rappels
  • Belay/Rappel Systems

These are the steps to tie the Munter Mule

-Start with tying the munter hitch

-take the belay strand and make a loop behind the load strand

-Pass a bite, through the loop so that it is around the load strand

-take the bite that was passed through the loop and put it around the load strand

-once behind the load strand cross it over itself, making a overhand knot around the load strand

-slide the knot snug to the carabiner